Friday, January 16, 2009

A Prayer for Klal Yisroel

HASHEM our G-d, remember the intercession of Moshe Rabbinu when he said of Egypt: " With evil intent did He take them out, to kill them in the mountains and to annihilate them from the face of the earth?" (Ex. 32:11-14) As Moshe Rabbinu was instructed in Deuteronomy 31:24-29 to put aside this Torah song as a witness against us; please HASHEM our G-d, remember the merit of Moshe Rabbinu as it is written in the Torah; that the whole Torah stand as a witness FOR US, that the nations cannot say of Israel, "See, HASHEM their G-d brought them out from among us to destroy them." 

May you be blessed, those of you who remember the merit of Moshe Rabbinu in the wilderness. B"H.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gay Marriage

This is my comment on Gay Marriage.  I am not going to get as Naked as I could get.

California's majority passed Proposition 8 which defined marriage as between one man and one woman, at least that's what I think it says.  Well, the people have spoken.  Now, I'd like to say a few things:

1. I didn't ask for marriage; I never wanted it; I still don't want it; but some people want me to get married whether I want to or not-- go figure;
2. But some people outside the relationship between a man and a woman did want marriage; and that is their business;
3. So, since the fundamentalists Christians, Jews, Mormons and Catholics, along with some plain ole bigots, brought "the Church" into "the State" through a Constitutional Amendment to safe-guard the sanctity of marriage and the family, we the people need to further their cause and help further safe-guard the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman;
4. A new Proposition needs to be passed in order to do that, though.  And here is the Language of the New Proposition:

The State of California confirms that marriage is between one man and one woman, but to insure the success of that union, there are some things that must happen in order for it to be a true marriage:

A married man and woman, as defined under Proposition 8 of the State of California, must now have two (2) children between them and on their own, within the first five (5) years of marriage. This is to prove the sanctity of that marriage and the succession of the species by replacing the two parties that make up this marriage, and, to create a sanctified family. However, there are restrictions as to how this can be accomplished.  They are, but not limited to:

a. Adoption is prohibited;
b. Surrogate mothering is prohibited;
c. Invitro-fertilization is prohibited;
d.Fertilization medications to increase sperm count is prohibited, as well as all other fertilization medications used by men or women to help the conception process;
e. Donor sperm is absolutely prohibited;
f. Prayer is prohibited, along with any other Divine intervention technique;
g. Contraception is prohibited because marriage is for the promulgation of the species;
g. Anything else not listed above other than the good ole wham-bam, thank you Sam technique, with the tools and instruments the good Lord gave ya naturally, then the birth of that child is not considered to be within the State's definition of marriage between one man and one woman and does not count toward the two (2) children required within the first five (5) years of marriage.

If the marriage between one man and one woman does not produce two (2) offspring as expressly outlined above but not limited to further restriction, and within five (5) years of marriage; then said marriage between that one man and one woman is declared null and void, because the sole purpose of marriage is to promote the sanctity of the family, now that the State has declared how a man and a woman are Constitutionally required to make a family.

The State is not expressing a religious view on this matter and considers said Proposition is not in conflict with "Church vs. State."  The State, in proposing this Proposition supports the Darwinian theory of the "Survival of the Fittest," which most scientists believe helps keep a stronger and more vital species thriving.

The null and void marriage parties, may, if they wish, seek a State-sanctioned domestic partnership that the Secretary of State will issue once their qualifications for such domestic partnership are met.

Provided the marriage between one man and one woman does produce the required offspring within the timeline and according to the conception requirements above, then the parties of this marriage MAY NOT GET DIVORCED EVER, unless there is a breach of fidelity that can be proven by three witnesses.  As Jesus of Nazareth taught, Don't do this thing [marriage], but if you have to, a man cannot divorce his wife except for infidelity.  The State trusts that all other faiths in the State will understand that the State IS NOT trying to force another's faith upon its people; rather, the State is only using the example of the majority of its people's religious view to SUPPORT the sanctity of marriage and to condemn DIVORCE which is destroying the sanctified family.  

The State, in following the example of the Proposition 8 supporters, DOES believe that the sanctity of marriage and the family is being dealt a severe blow.  Not by homosexuality; but by rampant deviant behavior within the heterosexual community which has caused the divorce rate to escalate.  To prove the State's point of view on heterosexual deviancy, the State suggests that concerned citizens visit the website to see for themselves just how deviant the heterosexual community really is!  Now, THIS IS AN ADULT WEBSITE, so for the faint-hearted, don't go there if you can't look at your little ole heterosexual self in the mirror. But this wanton, awful, oooh-perverted, easily accessible anytime, anywhere "sex" is causing the heterosexual man and woman of the State of California too many suggested options for marriage, and therefore, makes the eye wander, which is the real cause-effect of the decline in the sanctity of the marriage between one man and one woman.  And this is cause for great concern by the State, your government, for this is the root of the collapse of the sanctity of the family, not homosexuality!

Therefore, the State of California will be submitting another Proposition for the further protection of the family, and that is to shut down ALL heterosexual adult websites, film and magazine production. Since homosexuals no longer pose a threat to the sanctity of marriage and the family through Proposition 8, the State will now fund the expansion of Gay Adult materials to replace the lost tax revenues from the closing of ALL heterosexual adult websites, film and magazine production, which the State Comptroller estimates will be a tax loss of one-billion dollars annually to the State.

Sponsored by the Concerned Citizens of the Concerned People (CCCP).


Now, wasn't that stupid?  Isn't it stupid?  Then, ask yourself the question: How stupid was it to inject this definition concerning a religious, private matter into government?  I hope this folly of mine made everyone think. But I'm mad as hell that people in this country don't understand that this country has NO State Religion.  If you don't like the way the Constitution was written here by the Free Masons, go to Iran or any other place where you feel you will fit in better with a Theocratic-run nation!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Syria Is The Key

I'm not getting NAKED today.

But I'm seeing things in the press that support my call for the United States and European Union to force a peace between Israel and Syria.  There was a report today by Bilal Saab, a Syria expert at the Brookings Institute, that confirmed my intuitions.

My thoughts out loud today are this: "If the powers of the West do not force a peace between Israel and Syria, then the West really doesn't want peace between Israel and her Arab cousins."

I am starting to see on blog-sites this mantra rising.  Average people around the world are starting to realize that these Western Powers have had the "power" to force a peace, but have never used their "arsenal" to make it happen.  And, these average people around the world are starting to question this and wonder what is the real reason why there is no peace in the Middle East. They're starting to say, "Maybe the West wants conflict between the Jews and Arabs so they can insert themselves and control their destiny."  They haven't used the word "oil" yet, but I can just imagine what is on their minds about that.

So, think about it.  Pray about it, if that is your inclination.  But do something about it, even if you don't agree with me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rick Sanchez' Facebook Wall

I'm so NAKED that I'm worn to the bone.

I'm trying to make a difference in the Middle East.  But not one person on Rick Sanchez' wall wants to help.  They want revenge, not peace. So. Here's what I've done today to work toward a real peace, which means Syria is the key to everything:

Contacted the following:
The Obama Transition Team;
Secretary of State select Hillary Clinton;
Former President Bill Clinton;
Former President Jimmy Carter;
Senator Diane Feinstein;
Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack;
The Republic of France Embassy in Washington, D.C.;
The Arab Republic of Egypt Embassy in Washington, D.C.;
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

I am not contacting the White House, Israeli or Syrian Embassies for reasons that should be clear to even the uninitiated.  I'm tired and now I must rest.

Peace everybody.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Plan

It's time to get NAKED again.

I was mad as hell yesterday.  Not at the world, but at the people (mostly men) who run the world. Someone, please, answer me: "How is it that the USA and EU cannot force a peace in the Middle East?"  Let me answer it for you: "THEY DON'T WANT TO!"


Because they want the parties in the area to keep fighting because that gives them the ability to insert themselves into the situation and exert their control over all the parties involved.  And why is this?  To control the flow of oil.  But the balance of power is shifting, and her name is Russia.

We saw reports today that Russia is putting the squeeze on the EU through natural gas that flows through the Ukraine just as the temperatures are dropping below zero.  Hummmm.  But Russia isn't where I want to go.  I want to go to France and the EU.

Who is leading the battle for a cease fire in Gaza?  The French and Egyptians.  This is not surprising to me since the president of France had just had high-level discussions with Syria. And this is a key element to solving this Middle East conflagration that I've been talking about. Israel and Syria must first make peace.  France could not have gone to Egypt to construct a joint cease-fire agreement unless Syria had first blessed it.  And that is why Syria is the key to success.

I will repeat what I've said elsewhere on other blogs and that is this:  When Israel is surrounded by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt . . . all in peace with one another . . . then, Israel will be buffered from Iran and Russia.  The peoples of these lands are relatives.  They are squabbling over a piece of land.  They are not just related by birth; they are related by a religious belief firmly established in their father Abraham.  Forget the enmity that exists among these three "religions" for a time, at the end of the day they will soon see that they are brothers.  Therefore, Syria must first make peace with Israel and Israel with Syria before the Palestinian people can be "settled."

Trust me.  This is on the way.  Have a good day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have We No Compassion?

Now I REALLY want to get NAKED!

What's up with Levi Johnston?  You know, the father of Sarah Palin's illegitimate grandchild. And don't take that last sentence as a nasty comment; I'm just calling it the NAKED TRUTH because I'm the Naked Champion.

So the press wants to go after poor Levi who quit his job today as an apprentice electrician because he doesn't have a high school diploma!  Isn't that just great!  So, you have to have a diploma from high school to "learn" to become an electrician?  G-d help us.  So, what's the kid supposed to do?  How is he going to support himself, and, if he ever marries the Palin's daughter, how is he supposed to support them as well?

I have a good idea. Let the @&*% reporter and editor of the newspaper support them!  Where is your compassion, America?  Levi Johnston shouldn't have to pay the price for Sarah Palin's failures to win over the hearts and minds of all Americans.  He and Palin's daughter are like so many of America's sons and daughters: they let their emotions rule the day and get into trouble.  But unlike so many others, maybe this kid is trying to get back on his feet. But at this rate, he'll wind up on the welfare roll.

Well, that's the price everyone pays for getting their eyes caught in the spotlight of fame!

Good luck, Levi.  You're gonna need it.

Was Darwin Right After All?

Man, did I have a lot of nightmares last night!  Musta been the fois gras I had, uuumh.  Hey! You wanna get NAKED?  I've got lots to get NAKED about this morning.

I've been asking myself lately, because of the conflict going on between the Israelis and the Gazan Palestinians: "Why did we develop air supremacy if we can't use it?"  Hey Yos, what the heck you talkin' bout?  Think about it.

Why did the West spend trillions of dollars on smart weapons and air supremacy in the first place?  The answer: "To limit our military casualties, #@&*!"  And guess what?  It worked.  But guess what now?  You got it! The West has taken such a high moral ground that the trillions of dollars they spent on these tactical weapons were wasted.  Let me think out loud now for awhile:

Let's see.  What is war?  Duh, it's destroying your enemy, right?  What does that mean?  Duh, people are going to get killed.  Uh, does that mean innocent people as well?  Duh, yeah!  But the question we need to ask ourselves is: "Are these innocent people, really innocent?"  That's a question only a higher power knows the answer to.  But let me continue talking out loud:

If the West wants to go to war; if the West wants to lessen the number of casualties among their soldiers; if the West wants to limit the casualties of its enemies . . . then why the heck do we go to WAR?  Why did we spend trillions of dollars on weapons that we can't use anymore because our people won't stand for the deaths of so-called innocent women and children, let alone one loss of our own soldeirs!!!

Come on.  Look at whom we're fighting.  T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S!!!  They have no code of ethics. And, as a Jew, I can say that from a historical perspective.  The birth of Israel, in part, came out of the terrorism that the Irgun perpetrated upon the British.  In targeting tactical British points of interest, innocent civilians were killed.  Don't call me meshumid; I know what I'm saying and the NAKED TRUTH sometimes hurts.  I'm willing to look at myself in the mirror.  Are YOU? So, what does all this talking out loud mean.  It means that the West and Israel have forgotten the basics of winning a war.  And the basics of war equate to killing, yes killing, as many of the enemy as possible even if it means innocent civilian casualties are included among them. Radical Muslims don't worry about this code of behavior, and they pray to Allah every day that we remain faithful to this, our new code of behavior.  And we do, praise be unto Allah, I guess we will all be saying one day.  And, believe it or not, I believe it is good that we do.  Because that is what makes us different from the radicals of every religion, not just Islam!  But we cannot follow this new code to the point that we wind up losing the battle to radicalism.

The way to stop this radicalism is to use overwhelming force.  Yes, not some, but many innocent civilians are going to be included in the casualties.  But if we keep delaying the inevitable, millions upon millions of innocent civilians will perish because we are too weak to act now.

So, again I ask: "Why did we spend trillions of dollars for air supremacy when we are not allowed to use it effectively?"  

The answer: Because we have become the weaker of the species; therefore, we are doomed to extinction! Darwin was right after all.